Podcast News – OPERATOR: MindTrip Podcast // 6th July 2020

6th July 2020

We kick off July with a new episode on the MindTrip podcast coming straight from UK by the DJ, producer and label owner Operator (aka Rich Jones). He released music for over a decade on labels like Bas Mooy’s Audio Assult, Blue Hour, Soma, CLR, Kanzleramt as well as on his own imprint Gnosis Records, established in 2012. Operator was born with the intention to focus on deeper, mind bending yet still tough techno sounds. With his exclusive mix he takes us back through time and space with a blend of Detroit Techno, hard grooves and futuristic dystopian textures. Rich has also prepared his debut EP on MindTrip sometime during the second half of this year.

Enjoy Operator’s 2-hour session.

This is MindTrip!

01.Surt – Heon [Edit Select]
02.Niteworks – Ona feat. Damon Wild & Echoplex [Synewave]
03.Markus Suckut – False
04.DJ Sneak – Rising [Too Many Rules]
05.Mike Dehnert – MD2.8.3 [MD2]
06.G Flame – Broken [No.19 Music]
07.Edit Select – Send (Matrixxman Remix) [Edit Select]
08.Edit Select – Full Circle [Revolt]
09.Linkan Ray – Dissonant Shapes [Be As One]
10.Paul Mac – Bare Minimum [Kanzleramt]
11.Mr G & G Flame – Face [Phoenix G]
12.Mark Broom – Peak [Machine]
13.James Ruskin – In The Shadows [Tresor Records]
14.Steve Bicknell – Fearing The Minds Fears [6dimensions]
15.Jeff Mills – The Resolution [Axis]
16.Mark Broom – Loop It [Machine]
17.Blawan – Lox [Temesc]
18.James Ruskin – Dilemma [Tresor Records]
19.Planetary Assault Systems – Red [Ostgut Ton]
20.Scorp – Repaired [Token]
21.Szmer – Flamingo [Prophet Recordings]
22.James Ruskin – From Over The Edge [Tresor Records]
23.Michal Jablonski – On Own Beach [Prophet Recordings]
24.Ritzi Lee – Functional 004 [Prophet Recordings]
25.Linkan Ray – Back To Basic [Be As One]
26.Operator – Orion
27.Re:Axis – A View
28.Clementine – Drifting Signs [DJAX Upbeats]
29.Devilfish – Summer Storm [Bush Records]
30.DJ Boss – Atmolam [Arms]
31.Raar – Venom
32.Stanislav Tolkachev – After A While [Prophet Recordings]
33.D&S – So Far [Arts]

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